Friday, October 5, 2012

new life

lame sudah rasenye xupdate blog nh...semenjak balik dr segamat asenye..
disini mahu saya katakan bahawasanya saya...(skema benow ayat) hehe...
sy telah rasminya menjadi mahasiswa uitm seri iskandar dengan memasuki kehidupan baru sebagai pelajar  fakulti bisnes perniagaan di uitm perak cawangan seri iskandar..=)
sebagai pelajar ekonomi perniagaan...sememangnya aku kene traansfom diri aku...
sedar la jugak ape yg aku pilih nh jauh menyimpang dari kos mase diploma dulu...

actually aku nk cerita how my new place.
the place that i get my certificate..=)
after 3 weeks my life become better n better...
coz of what??
many thing that i need to face it myself..
but my family, my friends and lecturer had give many awesome word that gain my strength to face new condition and thru all the problems with patient=)
every day is my worse day.=(
walking day  by day...
nag my driver it our false if our house if  far from uitm?huh..i cant understand,,
lonely coz i dont know anyone at this place..=)

but now...after 3 weeks...i can cry...
with happy tears...
i know allah will give the best for his servant..
alhamdulilah...thanks to Allah...=)
hope i can focus in my study now and not make my parents keep thinking about me..

after i know about this song, i become more strength..
nie la lagu yg lect sy bagi..
hope all the girls enjoy with this song coz only the yourself can describe how this song...
the last sentence still in my mind coz the words is very sensitive to me..
i love u dad.=)
i miss u..very much
everyday i pray to allah for give u long life with his barakah..
to be patient in take care of us..
and be with us forever..coz u are my inspire...
your words..ur doa make  me strength to faced all my day..
even i always disapointed u..but u still be at my side..
dad..i miss u...
everyday i count how many days i need to wait for  see u, kis ur hand, hold ur arms and kis ur cheek..
i love u..=)